Транспортни услуги за вас до всяка точна на страната.
БГ EN Транспортни услуги за вас до всяка точна на страната.

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1.The vehicle is put out to lease by the LESSOR in good technical state and condition, equipped with the mandated by the traffic police equipment.
2.The LESSEE is obliged to return the leased vehicle, together with all the documents in the agreed term at the leasing point, in accordance with this agreement. In case the LESSEE does not return theleased vehicle on time, he has to pay to the LESSOR as follows:
2.1.For return delay of the leased vehicle over an hour he is charged with 50% of the base price according to the price list, which is an integral part of this contract.
2.2.For return delay over 6 hours the LESSEE has to pay the full leasing price of the vehicle for a day as per the price list.
2.3.Return delay over 12 hours after the validity period of this contract, without informing the LESSOR on the spot shall be considered as misappropriation of the leased vehicle and the LESSOR shall inform the authorities and the Insurance company, declaring the vehicle and the LESSEE for inquiry. The deposit shall be left in favour of the LESSOR.
3.The vehicle lease price is estimated according to the rates, determined in the price list.
4.The LESSEE pays a deposit according to the rates in the price list. The deposit is a warranty and can not be used for payment of term prolongation. The deposit is returned to the LESSEE only after the vehicle is returned. In finding small damages or missings, in mutual agreement after the inspection (including less fuel than agreed), the value can be deducted from the deposit.

1. The LESSOR is obliged to replace the vehicle within 24 hours, when the implementation of the contract is impossible due to the LESSOR'S fault, the expenses are on the account of the firm.
2. The LESSOR is responsible for damages, provoked by the LESSEE due to technical fault, proved with an independent technical investigation.

1.1. To use the vehicle leased as purposed.
1.2. To use the vehicle carefully, to keep it locked in a parking lot.
1.3. To conduct current repairs of the vehicle and to keep it in good technical state,undertakingthe expenses, coming from the use of the vehicle. Any damage occurring in the lease term, is repaired by competent people, after the same has been agreed with the LESSOR, excluding cases described in paragraph 2, section IV.
1.4.In occurrence of an accident, damage or failure to call the traffic police, irrespectively whose is the fault, to keep all the requirements for making reports and other documents, as well as to undertake all necessary measures to save, prevent or decrease the damages on the leased vehicle.
1.5.To inform within 12 hours the LESSOR in case of accident or theft of the vehicle, to report all the facts, circumstances, information and witnesses, connected with the damage, as well as to cooperate fully to the LESSOR and the Insurance Company for the case clarification.
2.The LESSOR has no right to:
2.1. To use the leased vehicle to pull another vehicle or trailer, to participate in races,instructions or trainings, as well as to carry heavy or loose weight.
2.2. To travel with the leased vehicle after having used alcohol, drugs or other anesthetics.
2.3. To remise the vehicle to a third party, unless the people authorized for it in this contract.
2.4. To leave the state boundaries and to violate the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria
3. The driver of the vehicle must have a valid driving license from at least one year.
IV. DAMAGES AND SANCTIONS 1. For damages caused by the LESSEE, as a result of incorrect use of the leased vehicle, which are not covered by the insurance terms, the LESSEE pays the damage to full extent.
2. Damages caused by the LESSEE, for which he doesn't have a report from the traffic police are paid in full by the LESSEE.
3. The responsibility, concerning third parties is undertaken by the LESSEE if the regressive claim of the insurance company has been granted (art. 19) from the "Regulations for mandatory insurance".
4. In case of theft of the leased vehicle the LESSEE must submit to the LESSOR the documents vehicle. In the contrary the LESSEE is obliged in terms of three months to pay the whole insurance value of the leased vehicle.
5. In case of loss, destruction or theft of the documents of the vehicle or its license plates the LESSEE owns to the firm a compensation at the amount of two months' rent price according to the price list.
6.In case of loss, destruction or theft of keys, it has to be paid in triple amount by the LESSEE.

1. The LESSEE pays to the LESSOR all the sums payable, determined by this contract plus the deposit at the moment of signing of this contract.


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